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ThralindorStonegrym, Nov 10, 10 2:52 AM.
Hiya to all the new members and thank you all for joining. I have been doing a little work to the site when I have been able to find the time. Plz when you have a spare minute or two create an account and apply for membership with it so you will be able to post on the site. We have a calender, chat room, forums and even some medals and titles you can earn from using the website. So plz have a look around and check out the different areas. If you have any questions or suggestions plz send me some mail.
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Hi everyone and welcome to the Hand of Tharkun. We are a Dwarf themed kinship on the Arkenstone server. Our name comes from Tharkun the name the Dwarves use to refer to Gandalf the Grey. My goal with this kinship is simply to have a place for friends to come together and chat, hang out, help each other, PvMP, PvE, run quests really anything and everything.
As far as rules go I only ask a few things,
1. Treat others like you would want to be treated.
2. Remember its only a game and we are all here to have fun.
3. Asking for help with stuff is perfectly OK but remember everyone is here to play and everyone's time is limited so if no one is free to help when you ask please be patient and someone will certainly help you as soon as they have the time.
4. Please any disagreements you may have please do not use the kinship channel to discuss them, take up the matter with a simple tell to the person or send me a tell and I will do my best to solve the problem as quickly and fairly as I can.
5. This last one some may have a problem with but it is the most important one in my opinion this is a kinship for friends but that certainly does not mean that any friends you may have that are not in the kinship arent welcome for our runs. My motto is any friend of my friends is a friend of mine too. Simply this just means if we have a run going on and there are kin members and non member friends, the non members have as much right to be there as the members, so no complaining that so and so isnt even in the kin but they got to go on such and such run. If you miss out on a run I am sorry but there will always be another run in the future so be patient because the next time the run  you missed happens you will have a spot in it before anyone else. If anyone has any questions plz feel free to contact me in game or through this site.     Thank you, Thralindor Stonegrym.
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